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Month: March 2019

Can virtual reality solve social problems?

Leviathan: Virtual reality technology is not as thin as the one that just appeared. Commercialized equipment and accessory products are emerging one after another. However, the current wide-ranging technology applications are basically in the entertainment category such as games. We look at VR glasses. It still only works. Based on this, this paper undoubtedly proposes new application suggestions. Since VR can help to completely immerse in another person’s perspective, why don’t we try to see reality?

In 2004, Cathy Hackl should be the most populous and violent film among Americans. In addition to being responsible for TV video production at CNN, Hacker also looks at the original Iraqi war and unedited videos so that the cable channel can give high-energy warnings to the audience, telling them that the film may contain fragments that cause discomfort. In order to protect the audience’s mood, Hakker tried to watch the video of the extremely bloody violence for a few hours a day. The dagger, the soldier’s stump was towed away, and any footage that was marked on the cable TV was seen. This work is simply tortured, but what bothers her is the potential impact on her life.

“When doing this kind of …

The development of Human society

Humanities and social sciences are collectively referred to as the humanities and social sciences, sometimes referred to as philosophy, social sciences, social sciences, and liberal arts. As a relatively independent knowledge system, the humanities and social sciences are a basic concept that defines vagueness and controversy. It involves understanding the basic theoretical issues of cognitive activities, scientific demarcation standards and knowledge classification.

Humanities and social sciences face things that have a meaningful relationship

It not only studies commonality and universality, but also studies individuality. It can not only exclude but also study contingency, research meaning and value. At the same time, its research subject and object are not human beings like natural science. The one-way relationship between the things can not be communicated, but the two-way interaction between people can be understood and understood. Although they have had a relationship with natural sciences, theoretical sciences, and independent sciences from the very beginning, and even have some kind of identity or kinship at the level of science, all of this It does not deny that it has emerged from time to time, developed and expanded, and its special contribution to the rich coverage of the evolution of scientific concepts to this …

The top ten international tourist attractions

The top ten international tourist attractions

The 2019 international scenic spots list has been selected by the friends. The small series excerpts the information about the top ten tourist attractions in the international attractions and shares with you. If you want to play, you may wish to go to the following places.


The famous water city of Venice is Italy’s most famous city and one of the most romantic travel destinations in the world. St. Mark’s Square is located in the heart of the city and is surrounded by the famous cathedral. If you are a cultural enthusiast, Venice has some of the most beautiful masterpieces in the world, and countless churches, museums and palaces are worth a visit; if you are romantic, you can take a punt to visit, but remember more Bring some money. It is best not to go to Venice in the summer, because summer visitors are the most.

  1. Amsterdam Canal

There are more than 2,000 “boat houses” on the Amsterdam River, although they are houseboats but fully equipped. You can truly appreciate the unique charm of the water city by visiting Amsterdam by glass boat. The boat sails through the famous river course, which …