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Category: World change

Can virtual reality solve social problems?

Leviathan: Virtual reality technology is not as thin as the one that just appeared. Commercialized equipment and accessory products are emerging one after another. However, the current wide-ranging technology applications are basically in the entertainment category such as games. We look at VR glasses. It still only works. Based on this, this paper undoubtedly proposes new application suggestions. Since VR can help to completely immerse in another person’s perspective, why don’t we try to see reality?

In 2004, Cathy Hackl should be the most populous and violent film among Americans. In addition to being responsible for TV video production at CNN, Hacker also looks at the original Iraqi war and unedited videos so that the cable channel can give high-energy warnings to the audience, telling them that the film may contain fragments that cause discomfort. In order to protect the audience’s mood, Hakker tried to watch the video of the extremely bloody violence for a few hours a day. The dagger, the soldier’s stump was towed away, and any footage that was marked on the cable TV was seen. This work is simply tortured, but what bothers her is the potential impact on her life.

“When doing this kind of …

Sharing the top ten issues in society

Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, the achievements have been outstanding. At the same time, all kinds of social problems go hand in hand, where to go where to go. There are ten major problems, and it is worthwhile for the ruling party to reflect on its ruling ideas. Because these problems are not solved well, they will greatly confuse our society. These top ten problems are food safety, housing prices, prices, corruption, education, vicious car accidents, environmental protection, accidents, and demolitions.

  • Food safety

After a series of food safety incidents, food safety that has attracted close attention from senior government officials should be the biggest social problem facing China. It can be said that food safety is some undifferentiated terrorist activities with Facebook. Such terrorist activities, regardless of gender, wealth, status, urban and rural groups, see one kill one, borrow a lyric from the national anthem, called “the Chinese nation has reached the most crisis moment”, because, in such food safety and terrorism activities, people’s physical and mental qualities are greatly reduced. There is no doubt that the trauma caused by food safety to Chinese society is the same as that of opium, or greater …

What profound changes have taken place in the real world?

While focusing on economic construction and accelerating the construction of material civilization, how to pay more attention to the construction of human spiritual civilization and political civilization and to form mutual promotion, coordination and harmonious development of the economy, politics, culture, and environment are fundamental issues for further construction.

The spiritual state of a social public and the improvement of its ideological culture, in addition to the protection of laws and institutions, fundamentally depend on the public’s recognition and practice of the social values system. Since the 18th National Congress, Chinese society has experienced a reflection on the past social spirit and ideological culture. In the process, Chinese leaders gradually cleared the source and found the real problems of society. In terms of spiritual culture, China has gradually explored a path of ideological and cultural development that conforms to Chinese characteristics.

Since the 18th National Congress, many changes have taken place in the spiritual state and ideological culture of the Chinese real society. Mainly in the following aspects: First of all, from the strict governance of the party and anti-corruption actions to present a new social climate. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party …