Find out what to look out for in the event of early repayment and rescheduling of a loan at Good Credit and how you should proceed to secure financial benefits.

Current loans can be optimized if, for example, the interest rate market has changed and this opens up potential savings in financing costs. On the other hand, several loans can be combined in this process in order to manage only one monthly installment.

Good Credit installment loan: diverse, flexible and convenient

Good Credit installment loan: diverse, flexible and convenient

The term can also be extended to achieve a lower monthly rate and to become financially more flexible again. The prerequisite is, of course, that the current loans also provide the option of early repayment.

There are only a few exceptions to loans when it comes to setting terms: Usually, the loan amount is divided into monthly installments that are calculated for a specific repayment period.

Whether the interest rate and thus the rate remain the same or can change depending on various factors depends on the specific loan model. One of the exceptions is the framework loan, as offered by Good Credit, among other things: There is a framework at your disposal that you can exhaust, repay and use as required.

Special repayments and early redemption


This credit line corresponds to the principle of a posting limit but can be agreed additionally. A term has been agreed for all other variants; for real estate loans, this corresponds to the fixed interest period. Depending on the model and the provider, however, you have the option of making special repayments or redeeming these installment loans before they expire. Whether or not compensation for lost interest income is calculated varies from bank to bank.

Good Credit offers a whole range of loan options, ranging from standard installments to special auto and real estate loans. In addition, the framework credit opens up particularly flexible options for providing liquidity at short notice. It is in its nature that this loan can be repaid at any time.

But Good Credit also acts very flexibly with all other installment loans: You can redeem any of the offered loans without exception and early. Please check your contract anyway to be sure.

A debt rescheduling of a Good Credit installment loan only makes sense, of course, if you can generate a real benefit on the bottom line: either in the form of cheaper interest rates or with a longer term of significantly lower monthly installments. It is best to first get an overview of the current conditions in a credit comparison.

It is sufficient to enter the desired sum, the optimal term, and the purpose. Vary the components until you get the combination that suits your needs: A loan that is too long makes the loan more expensive, while monthly installments that are too high shorten the repayment period, but can limit your liquidity too much.

Prepare to reschedule your Good Credit loan

Prepare to reschedule your Good Credit loan

If the current interest rates or a longer-term promise the desired benefit, you can already provide the documents necessary for a debt restructuring, such as

  • proof of income
  • List of all income and regular expenses
  • Copy of the valid ID card or passport including confirmation of registration

Then proceed systematically: Note the differences between the credit-dependent and credit-dependent conditions: If the non-credit-specific conditions are defined from the outset, you will only see a range within the credit-dependent ones within which the conditions are ultimately agreed. Depending on the result of the credit check, you will then receive an offer. Experience has shown that these conditions are rarely cheaper than independent alternatives.

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