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Sharing the top ten issues in society

Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, the achievements have been outstanding. At the same time, all kinds of social problems go hand in hand, where to go where to go. There are ten major problems, and it is worthwhile for the ruling party to reflect on its ruling ideas. Because these problems are not solved well, they will greatly confuse our society. These top ten problems are food safety, housing prices, prices, corruption, education, vicious car accidents, environmental protection, accidents, and demolitions.

  • Food safety

After a series of food safety incidents, food safety that has attracted close attention from senior government officials should be the biggest social problem facing China. It can be said that food safety is some undifferentiated terrorist activities with Facebook. Such terrorist activities, regardless of gender, wealth, status, urban and rural groups, see one kill one, borrow a lyric from the national anthem, called “the Chinese nation has reached the most crisis moment”, because, in such food safety and terrorism activities, people’s physical and mental qualities are greatly reduced. There is no doubt that the trauma caused by food safety to Chinese society is the same as that of opium, or greater than the harm caused by opium.

  • House price

Like food safety, Prime Minister Wen’s anger: “There is no moral blood in your professional workers” and their malicious high prices are the second biggest social problem facing China, many local governments like to use high land prices to increase their GDP. In fact, they increase their GDP by pushing up their prices. However, they are quenching their thirst, because the rapid rise in housing prices has pushed up the price soaring. Local governments are seeing it. After rising to the sky’s GDP, it will soon be overwhelmed by the rapidly rising prices.

  • Commodity price

The rise in prices is closely related to food safety and housing prices. Surprisingly, prices are certainly not just rising. The “difficulty in selling vegetables” widely reported by the media is also a problem of rising prices. The government lacks control over house price regulation, but it is quite powerful for the regulation of general agricultural and sideline products. However, because it is too powerful, it is almost the lowest level of the people who hurt the mountain. On the one hand, farmers are deeply savvy “difficult to sell vegetables”, on the other hand, ordinary residents in the city feel “buy food expensive”. The discordant voice of selling and buying is an inevitable problem after the price rises.

  • The corruption

Corruption is a socially harmful act of pursuing power. The social problems caused by corruption have confirmed the characteristics of the times in many aspects. Without the soaring prices and prices, corrupt officials may not be so fearless to go on. The social unrest factor caused by house prices and prices has accelerated the breeding of corrupt elements. Although the soil that causes corruption is because there are too many self-retained areas that lack democratic supervision. The unfettered privilege and the unstable factors of the material conditions of the future society are hotbeds of corruption.

  • The education

The unreliable factors of the future society have made education go astray. Education for the sake of money and education for money makes education completely scented. From a conservatory of college students, madly killing a victim of a car accident, so many people feel the horrible irrational education. In the past, we often classified some vicious crimes as “criminals aren’t well educated,” but many malignant crimes in the new era, criminals have just received elite higher education. The madness of the students is actually a reflection of the madness of the education itself.

  • Malignant car accident

The above social problems are summarized as social ethics, that is, “a rich man is a grandfather, and a person without money is a grandson.” The grandfather and grandson’s generation depends on the thickness of each person’s wallet. In such a social trend of thought, a vicious car accident has concentrated on a series of social problems that the society has. Almost many times, those car accidents will lead to national debates, such as 70 yards, my father is Li Gang, Yao Ba Knife, etc., and even an old lady in Nanjing is actually a social problem caused by a car accident. The speed at which ordinary car accidents turn into malignant car accidents far exceeds the rate at which ordinary tumors turn into malignant tumors. Isn’t this a very sad thing?

  • Environmental protection

Similarly, environmental protection isn’t a general environmental issue in China, but a concentrated focus of social issues. The rise in house prices and prices has caused more and more people in this society to start gathering money without any means. One of them is to ignore the moral corruption or to produce non-safe foods that ignore basic morality. Whoever cares about environmental protection after corrupt elements and wealthy people who ignore food safety become “grandfathers” Who cares about environmental protection? But those terrible environmental damages will ultimately be borne by our future generations.

  • Malignant accident

Malignant civil engineering accidents, and vicious mining accidents, multiple factory accidents, and even fire accidents in consumer places, where there are economic interests, may become the source of vicious stories. Behind these accidents, on the one hand, it should be related to the means of vicious wealth collection. On the other hand, it is also related to the basic morality of ignoring human life. The basic morality of ignoring human life is related to education, and the means of vicious wealth collection, which is carefully thought of, is inseparable from the problems of corrupt house prices.

  • Strong demolitions

Demolitions are a derivative issue after corruption and rising housing prices. Behind the problem of demolitions is the ruling idea that “economic benefits are greater than human life.” The monarchs of the feudal society all know the truth that “the society is the light and the people are the most important”, but many GDP governing officials simply do not believe in the democratic concept of “people are heavy GDP.” While implementing the demolitions, they certainly forgot the basic policy of the party that “the right is for the people.”

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