Today I present the overview of the most popular articles in August. Since one or the other was on vacation, it was certainly also a good opportunity to “read”. The top five in August

The subject areas of mobile banking and mobile are also of great interest to bank blog readers, as the number of hits shows. Guest contributions usually also have a special interest, which I am very pleased about.

I would like to welcome even more guest authors here and this can certainly be an incentive

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However, articles about future research and the Internet are always included in the top traffic figures. It is a widespread illusion that mobile use of smartphones can always be equated with “being on the go”. The infographic presented today shows how people actually use their smartphone.

About the potential of credit card-based bonus programs in the context of current competitive challenges for banks and savings banks. The market potential of mobile payment is enormous. The so-called mobile or digital wallet plays a central role in the discussion about the future of mobile payment. If you stumble upon predictions and forecasts from the past, you often find blind technical euphoria. But sometimes you are amazed at the accuracy.


What happens on the Internet in just a minute

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Panta Rei – Everything flows. Whether today is faster than before, but the pace online is impressive. From the two infographics presented today you can see what can be done online in 60 seconds.

The most interesting studies in August

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No wonder for a bank blog that the most read studies are on banking topics. This time with the focus on private customer business and its new developments. Numerous trends and tendencies are shaking up the traditional banking business. Today I present three new studies on global retail banking, the future of the branch and mobile options.

The most popular book recommendation in August

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Reading is an integral part of lifelong learning. Books that promise specific help in the workplace are therefore particularly popular. This month was about a popular leadership topic.

Why should a good boss lead instead of working? How do you submit work? How do you train your team to work independently? The book presented today provides answers to these questions. Was your favorite there? Which articles did you particularly like? What would you like to read more about?

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